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Bucks County Museum

Bucks County Museum


In December, Year 5 went to Aylesbury to visit the Bucks County Museum.  We learnt about the Tudors and how they lived, had a look around the rest of the museum and then went for a walk through Old Aylesbury where we saw lots of examples of Tudor architecture as well as a pub where Henry VIII is supposed to have visited! 


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In their words...


"The trip to the Museum was very fun and we learnt more about Tudors.  I like seeing the houses from the Tudor times.  My favourite part was when we went to the Tudor rooms and we had dishes and we had to see what they were and what they were used for.  In the Tudor rooms, we saw someone's menu. We also found out more about Tudor lifestyles."  Fatimah


"First at the trip, our class went for half the time upstairs, and upstairs was a real Tudor house.  Upstairs we split up into two groups and one group drew their own Tudor clothes and the second group were learning about different things from the Tudor times.  After each group finished the task, we swapped so it was fair on us.  


Before that though, we were talking about the Tudor house and about clothes.  The teacher chose me to change into a rich Tudor woman's clothes, Madihah as a servant, Lorenzo as a rich man and Arsh as well.  Me and the others couldn't do task one because we needed to stand in front of the room.  We posed so the other children could draw really carefully.  After all of that fantastic time, we went to lunch."  Julia


"On Tuesday 13th December, we went to an Aylesbury museum to learn more about the Tudors.  I enjoyed everything such as exploring Aylesbury, learning more about the Tudors and looking at many different types of treasures.  It was really fun.  I really liked the Tudor rooms and how they decorated it.  I also liked what the Tudors wore.  It was really fancy.  It was a great trip."  Aisha

Dressing up as Tudors in an original Tudor building

Dressing up as Tudors in an original Tudor building 1
Dressing up as Tudors in an original Tudor building 2