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Children will take part in National NSPCC Maths Day on the 3rd February 2017

Enabling Enterprise Day


On the 9th February the children became architects and builders to design and build a new community arts centre.  They used teamwork, imagination and problem solving skills to decide where to build their space and to decide what materials they would use. 

World Book Day 2017.....

We had a wide variety of characters in both Hedgehogs and Squirrels this year.  See if you can spot which was the most favourite...... 

World Book Day 2017

Animal EDUtainment


Walter from Animal EDUtainment came to visit year 1 today with a variety of different animals.  Amongst a wide variety of creatures were Miranda the Millipede, Bruce the Tree Frog, Brian the Tiger Salamander, Uther the Bearded Dragon, Edward the Royal Python, Aero the Guinea Pig, Elvis the Emperor Scorpion and the highlight for most (especially the Hedgehogs!) was Georgina the Tenrec!   Although Georgina looks like a hedgehog she is in fact related to elephants and lives in trees.  Those children who were feeling brave enough were allowed to touch or hold the animals and they were surprised and fascinated by how some of them felt.    



Friday 24th March 2017 saw lots of Red Noses appearing in school.  Children came in wearing a variety of different noses and then were set the challenge of finding all the hidden noses that had been spread around the school

Red Nose Day 2017