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Natwest Moneysense Day

Natwest Moneysense Day


In November, Year 5 completed a Natwest Moneysense Day.  


They worked in teams to plan a birthday party; considering who the party was for & what they liked to do, where to host the party and what entertainment they should put on.  They were given a budget to work to and, finally, they presented their work back to the rest of the class and the financial experts who had spent the day with us from Natwest Bank.  


More information on the day can be found here

In their words......


"On Friday 18th November, we were given a challenge in which we had to plan a birthday party.  We had a set amount of money - £100.  We got into groups and started to plan.  My favourite part was doing the performance.  I didn't like that sometimes we weren't working as a team.  I was really surprised when we came in second place."  Juwairiyah


"On Friday 18th November, Natwest came to our school to help us on our budget when we grow.  First we had to make a party.  We had a hundred pounds to spend on it.  Next we had to calculate how much we were spending.  Our group were called The Party Professors.  We only spent about eighty nine pounds."  Nigel 


"On Friday 18th November, Natwest visited Oakridge School.  They visited because they wanted to find out how we worked in teams.  My favourite bit was when we had to perform our work.  We had a budget which was £100 and we had to plan someone's birthday.  We chose Max because he was sporty, healthy and fit.  Fortunately, we didn't waste all the money.  We didn't waste all the budget because we didn't need to!"  Sayyab

Working hard on Natwest Moneysense Day

Working hard on Natwest Moneysense Day 1
Working hard on Natwest Moneysense Day 2