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Welcome back to the new term. Here are the minutes from the meeting on 1st December at 6.30.



Comments / Actions



6 parents and 1 governor

Started 6.30

Finished 7.40


 Welcome old and new members - explain reason for Parent Forum.

Parent Forum is to discuss what does the school do well and what would we like to see?

What do we do well?

  • Emails
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Attendance % on newsletter
  • A-frame for messages by gate
  • Text messages
  • Access to teachers
  • Office staff very helpful
  • After school clubs

What would we like to see?

  • Forms to complete – when they are sent as parent mail, printing them off can be tricky.
  • Electronic reply system
    • LOA letter on website so it can be returned to the office email
  • Mrs Akhtar to arrange this
    • New parents – support with procedures around British School Systems
  • Parents encouraged to make appointments with Mrs Jefferson.
    • Weekly information about child’s progress.
  • It was explained that with the open door policy, parents can always talk to a teacher about their child. It would not be practical to give written up to date reports.


 What we want the forum to achieve this yr – Improve attendance of workshops

  • Those parents who have attended workshops have all found the information valuable and this is shown through the questionnaires completed after each session.
  • Parents that sign up but don’t attend will be contacted (in the past a letter has been sent to parents)
  • Text messages and A-frame reminders to be used


What types of workshops do you think would help parents? / What time is best? (tried 5, 6, 6.30, 3.30)

  • No recommendation was made about the ideal time of workshops.
  • We will continue to try a variety of times
    • Teaching English to Parents
  • Next term Polish parents have been invited to classes


PTA - What do we want to achieve this yr - Participate in Fete - run stalls. Will need to arrange finances

  • Parent Teacher Association is to help raise funds for school. This year we would like parents to run one stall at the Fete.
  • Parents were asked how they would like to run.
  • It has been suggested they run the refreshments.
  • Mr Hanif to email and liaise with all parents that wish to be involved.
  • If you would like to be involved and did not attend, please contact Mrs Badhan with an email address to pass on to Mr Hanif.
  • PTA to be promoted at Parents Evening


Parent Reps - Explain role. What types of things could they get involved in. 

  • Parent Representatives are to support individual class teachers and the parents in their class.
  • Letter to be sent out soon




Additional points made :-

  • Parents wanted more project based homework so they could get involved in their child’s learning. It was explained to the parents that the idea of Learning Logs is being extend across the whole of KS2 (Yr 3-6). Years 5 and 6 have displayed them at Parents Evening in the past.
  • It was suggested an event for
    1. Parents and children to share common values across all communities

ii.Sports activities with parents and children

iii.Dads and children on a Saturday

  • Mrs Badhan to discuss with other teachers to see what we can come up with
  • Information about the curriculum -  is on the website, parents receive half termly letters and there was a Parents Information Evening in September.
  • Parking – Lots of concern about parking and safety of children outside school.
  • Recommended parents phone police when there are issues
  • Mrs Jefferson to investigate

i.Zig Zag banner on Deeds Grove

ii.Additional fencing

iii.Camera on roadside



Final Point

  • ‘Spread the word’ to all parents to become more involved in events and workshops
  • Bring suggestions to school of - What they would like to see happening at school?



A useful link to gain ideas for the PTA is below


Mrs Badhan