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Dropping off in the morning

We would like to remind you that we are encouraging the children in Year 1 to become more independent. So, we would like children to walk into their classroom and organise their things by themselves first things in the morning. 


Please remember to read with your children every night, even if it's a couple of pages. Ask your child questions about the text to help their understanding.

Example questions:

Why did the character do that?

What did the character want to do?

Would you have done the same thing?

Why is it important the character went _______?

Are there any words you didn't understand?

Do you know what ________ means?



It is essential the children can write sentences with capital letters, full stops, finger spaces. Handwriting must be neat and letters formed accurately. We have also been learning about conjunctions (and but so because) and time connectives (Then, After that, Next). If you could encourage your child to write about experiences at home, it will benefit their learning.


Children need to be secure in their understanding the value of numbers and counting objects from large amounts. The children have been learning different methods to help them add, subtract, multiply and divide (using objects, number lines). Ask your child about the maths vocabulary and new method that they have been learning. If you could practise counting in twos, fives and tens, and their number bonds to ten (1 + 9 = 10, 2 + 8 = 10 etc) the children will be more confident in their work.


Maths or English homework is given on a Monday, it must be handed in on Wednesday. Spelling homework is given on a Friday and tested on the Monday. We ask that the children practise their spelling every night and write two sentences using the words.

Please ask your child what they have been learning each day.