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Maths in the sun!

Before half term we took full advantage of the sunshine by taking our maths outside.  We had great fun measuring out invisibility and flying potions.  The children were able to use different measuring jugs to create different coloured potions. 

We also went on a shape hunt around the school.  Identifying everyday objects and the shapes they represented.  We found cylinders (fire extinguishers, rubbish bins), cubes , cuboids  and they even found a heptagonal based pyramid (our outdoor classroom)!  We discussed the many shapes found in our homes.  For instance cuboid tissue boxes, Pringles and water bottles are cylindrical in shape, footballs and tennis balls are spheres, ice -cream cones.  Even Mrs Reid-Jones' favourite chocolate bar is a prism shape!  Can you guess what it might be?

The Children had great fun drawing pictures using 2d shapes on the playground.  Can you spot the shapes they have used in their drawings?

In maths this week we shall be looking at capacity and shape.  Today the children had great fun measuring out water, sand and pasta into cups and different containers.  Filling the different container's full, half full, nearly full, empty etc. They also were set the challenge to see how many cup full's of water, pasta were needed to fill a container.