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Topic work


Autumn 1

  • Fairy Tales: We are looking at two fairy tales this half term. First we will work on Little Red Riding Hood and then Hansel and Gretel.
  • We will work on describing the characters, the settings and rewriting the stories.


Autumn 2

  • The Great Fire of London: Our writing this half term is based on learning about History.
  • We will be learning about how the fire started, how it spread, how it stopped and      finally how London was rebuilt.
  • We will be learning how to write a diary entry, a letter and a report.


Autumn 1:

  • This half term we will be learning about Place Value and Addition and Subtraction.
  • Place Value: The children we be learning about tens and ones and the value of each digit in a number. It is important that the children have a good understanding of this, as they will use this learning in other Maths topics throughout the year.
  • Children will learn to identify the tens and ones in a number, how to combine tens and ones to make a number and use vocabulary such as greater than and less than to  compare numbers.
  • Addition and Subtraction: The children will build on their knowledge of the previous topic to begin adding and subtracting bigger value numbers.
  • The children will be shown two methods to show their working out: denies and number lines.
  • Children will learn to add and subtract a two digit number and ones, a two digit number and tens and two two-digit numbers.