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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Year 2 Lockdown Work

Good Morning Badgers and Owls

We have made finding your work a little easier. 

Now all of year 2 can find their work and helpful resources in the same place.

What a great two weeks!

It has been wonderful to see you during our zoom lessons. It has been fantastic hearing some of you read your work out loud. Over the coming days and weeks we will make sure that everyone has the chance to share their work so if you are not chosen don't worry everyone will get a turn.

At school we show that we are ready to learn so we need to do this at home also. Please sit at a table in a quiet place to show that we are ready to learn and make sure that you have moved away any objects that you don't need so that you don't get distracted. 

I love the encouraging messages that you are sending each other like: well done, I like your work, great reading! Once lessons have started please don't write messages unless you are asked because this can be distracting and we need to concentrate on our learning.


Thank you for all of your great work so far! 

 Miss Harrison and Ms Garcia


*Remember we would love to see your work. Just take a picture and send it to us using the badger or owl email address.*