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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Butterflies Lockdown Work

Hello Brilliant Butterflies!! 


Every morning, we will have a zoom session say hello and to discuss the work you will be completing for Math's and Literacy at 9:15.


Every child will have a live phonics lesson over zoom once a week. Please bring your whiteboards, whiteboard pens and sound mats to this Zoom session as you will need them.


We will end the day with another Zoom session where we will celebrate your efforts with your work  and we will share a story together at 2:30.


You may have additional Zoom sessions throughout the week as we support you with your learning . 


Every day, we will upload new work to do under the Phonics, Math's and Literacy tabs below.


I will also keep adding new challenges for you to do under the other tabs and add new links for fun online games for you to play. Parent's, please encourage your child to try do these activities as these activities will help your child to continue to learn and practice their reading and writing skills which they have worked so hard on since starting school in September.


However, please be kind to them and to yourselves- if they are finding it hard, it is fine to leave it- all we ask is that they try their best.  


We would love to see some of your work. Please feel free to email photos of work into



We have added some online reading books for you to read with your parents or siblings should you have finished and know your current reading book from school off by heart!!


Remember you can also sign up for free to oxford owl  and get free access to books your child can read to you.  


Keep safe and see you all soon. 


Mrs Eldeib and the Butterflies team