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'Working together to succeed'


Once you've done the 'Introduction to Poetry' lesson, find a poem that you really using the Poetry Archive, link below.  Read a few, don't just pick the first one you find!  


Once you've picked your poem, please answer the following questions, remembering to answer in FULL SENTENCES!


- What is the name of your poem, and who is the poet? 

- What is your poem about?  Give as much detail as you can. 

- Why do you like it?  Why did you pick it? 

- Can you find some figurative language in your poem?  Remember, poems might not use all of these.  Where you can, give examples of:

    - metaphor  (something described as something that it can't be)

    - similie  (one thing is compared to another using 'like' or 'as')

    - personification  (giving an object human characteristics)

    - onomatopoeia  (a word that sounds like it's meaning)