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'Working together to succeed'


LO:  I understand how imagery is used in poetry. 


Today, I'd like us to think about how imagery is used in poetry.  We've learnt about figurative language (can you remember how a metaphor, similie and personification are used?) and now we're going to add another tool to your poetry writing tools.  You can probably guess where this is going! 


In the video, the teacher talks about 'stanzas' and how they were looked at in the previous lesson. We've skipped over that lesson - all you need to know at the moment is that a stanza is similar to a paragraph that you use in your writing:  it can be used to organise thoughts, can be short or long and can create some structure to your poem.  


When you open the Oak Academy video, you'll be asked to complete a quiz.  Please skip over this - just press next.  


After you've watched the Oak Academy and completed the tasks the teacher talks you through, I'd like you to take a walk around your local area - watch my video to find out what want you to do!