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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset




What are mindsets?

Mindsets are simply a belief about yourself and your most fundamental qualities like abilities, personality and talents.




At Oakridge School, we believe that all of our children should be taught and encouraged to have a Growth Mindset. We are supporting all of our children to change their thinking and to believe that they have the ability to be anything they want to be or achieve anything they want to achieve if they practise and work hard. Children need to be able to challenge themselves and take risks, understanding that mistakes help us learn. We remind the children that learning is a journey which can be difficult but with effort they will succeed. The children have learnt how our brain is a muscle and can actually grow when new knowledge is learnt!



Growth Mindset so far at Oakridge School…


Growth Mindset Ambassadors


As part of our Growth Mindset journey at Oakridge School, we have enlisted the help of our School Councillors to act as Growth Mindset Ambassadors. The School Councillors have had Growth Mindset training led by Miss Standish and are now equipped to spot children who are demonstrating a Growth Mindset or are there to support those when they are finding things a little tricky.


The Growth Mindset value we are focusing on at the moment is ‘I can encourage and support other learners’.





Growth Mindset role models


So many people demonstrate a Growth Mindset on a regular basis and have achieved incredible things. Whether you want to be a sportsperson, writer or singer… all these people have one thing in common…


Do you recognise any of these famous people who have shown a Growth Mindset?










How parents can have a Growth Mind-set at home

  • It is important to encourage your child to practise and praise their effort e.g. folding their clothes up, making their bed, shows an effort.
  • If something is difficult e.g. tying their shoelaces, make sure they practise rather than doing it for them.
  • Teach them that mistakes are good because it helps us learn. Praise them for learning from their mistake and explain that they can't do it yet. Don't give up!
  • Tell them that their brain actually grows when they learn something new. Ask them about their day. What have you learnt to grow your brain?
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