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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Half term Activities

Writing: Animal Stories.

Over half term we would like you to write a story about an animal going on an adventure.

It can be about any animal you like.

Remember to use your amazing writing skills that you have been learning to make a really good story.

Below are two stories which we have written to give you some ideas.

Maths: Multiplication and Division.

Practise your multiplication and division strategies by answering the questions in the documents below. Remember you can use any method you need to practise, a number line, groups and sharing or counting in multiples.


Don't forget to complete mathletics games and TTrockstars.


Reading: Traditional Tale Reading Comprehensions.


Art and Craft: Fairy Tales

This half term our topic has been fairy tales and you have completed paintings and crafts about different fairy tales. Why not try one these over the holidays.

1. Pick your favourite fairy tale. There are lots of different fairy tales in the Reading Star from last half term if you need help remembering the stories. You can draw / paint a picture of your favourite characters or you could make something from the story. We can have fun guessing you story next week.

2. We have focused on the story of Rapunzel. Try making your own tower, you could even make Rapunzel to put in your tower.

3. Rapunzel becomes a hero at the end of the story. Become your own superhero. First draw a picture of yourself as a superhero. Will you have a mask and a cape? What will your super power be? Will you be a witch hunter like Rapunzel or something else? Then you could make your costume.