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'Working together to succeed'


For the next few lessons you are going to be making your own Stop Motion movies.  The idea is you will be able to make your movies and then share them with the rest of your class or year group.  

Firstly, make sure that you download this free App on a device to be able to begin making your movie. Stop Motion


Next, look at these simple instructions on how to use Stop Motion.

Now watch this video on how to make a Stop Motion video.
Then, create your own Stop Motion movie.  The idea is that you take a picture, then move the object a little, take another picture, move it a bit more, to create the impression that an object is moving al by itself.
Finally, if you are able to, send them over us an email attachment for us to have a look at.  It would be great to share these with you all!  Have fun making your Stop Motion movies!!!