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'Working together to succeed'

Ladybirds Isolation work

Ladybirds Self-Isolation Home Learning 


On this page you will find some daily activities for Ladybird pupils to be completing at home during the self isolation from Monday 16th November. You can email any photographs of your home learning to: 


Ladybirds are due to return to school on Wednesday 25th November. We look forward to seeing you back in school, at your usual time, on this day. Remember - If your child has been asked to self isolate they MUST stay at home and not go out to any public places until this date. 


Staff from Ladybirds would like to see all pupils online, twice a day - Once for a morning 'Hello' at 9:15am and again for an afternoon 'Story Time' at 14:25. Please follow 'Zoom' links the office send you to access these. You will need to keep a check on your emails.


Your child may also be invited to other short learning sessions throughout the week, so please keep checking your email account for any links being sent. 


Please have a look at the suggested daily timetable for working with your child at home:

Literacy Home Learning Work:

Monday 16th November

This week it is national 'Road Safety Week' - We will be finding out about the best ways to keep safe when we go out and about. Have a look at the Power Point below and then draw some pictures of vehicles you might see on the roads. Can you write some of the words to match your pictures? Maybe you write the initial sounds for each vehicle e.g. - 'c' for car / 'l' for lorry. Use a sound mat to help you. Sound mats can be found by clicking on the 'resources' section of this page (Scroll to the bottom for this). 

Tuesday 17th November

Today we would like you to think about some signs that would help people when they were in town. Below are some blank templates. If you can print them at home please do so. If you cannot print please ask an adult to draw the shapes of them. Can you write some words on them to help people out on the roads? e.g - 'Stop', 'Cross', 'Go' etc. Think which sounds you need to write the word, then use a sound mat to help you. 

Wednesday 18th November 2020

Today we would like you to think about some of the ways to keep safe whilst crossing the road. What do you have to do? Think about who helps to keep you safe and how they keep you safe. Do you cross Oakridge road with a Lollypop Man to get to school? Do you hold a grown up's hand? Draw a picture of how you keep safe whilst outside and label it. Use your sound mat to help. 

Thursday 19th November 

Watch the following video about two hedgehogs taking a walk and how they manage to keep safe. -

Look at the sheet below and tell your grown up what the big hedgehog and little hedgehog are saying to each other. If you feel ready, have a try at writing some words that they may say. e.g. - Stop! / Be careful! / Don't go in the road! 

Friday 20th November 

Today we would like you to think about all of the things you have learnt this week about road safety. Ask a grown up to help you make a video of some of the rules of keeping safe whilst crossing the road. You can send your videos to us by email! We would really like to see them! 

Monday 23rd November 

Read or watch the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Watch here

The Hungry Caterpillar ate all of his favourite food. Using the Plate below, draw pictures of all of your favourite food and label what they are. Can you write why they are your favourite?

Use a sound mat to help you write the words.

You could also draw or paint a beautiful butterfly.

Tuesday 24th November

The Hungry Caterpillar was very hungry, wasn’t he? So hungry that he ate everything! We will need to go shopping to replace everything he ate. Can you write a shopping list of all the food he ate? Can you remember all of the items? Don’t forget to use a sound mat and your robot arms to help you wrote the words.

Maths Home Learning Work:

Monday 16th November

Have a look at the traffic signs below. What shapes are they? Can you spot some circles? triangles? are there any squares or rectangles? You may even spot an octagon if you look closely! Have a look around your own house to see if you can find any of these 2d shapes!

Tuesday 17th November

Have a look out of your window - Can you see a road? Spend some time looking at the vehicles travelling up and down. Can you see how many different colour cars you can see in half an hour. Ask a grown up to help you complete the sheet below. If you can't print the sheet just make your own record on some paper.

Wednesday 18th November

Ask a grown up to help you draw a road or a simple town map. We would like you to then draw 5 cars, 2 zebra crossings, 10 people, 1 bike, 4 traffic lights, 6 houses, 3 buses, 8 lamp posts and 7 trees on your map / road. Take you time to count as your draw to make sure you have the correct number of each. If you can print, there is a blank map below that you could draw on. 

Thursday 19th November

You will find 'Road Shaped Numerals' below. How many of these numerals do you recognise? Have a look at them with a grown up. Can you learn to recognise and say all of the numbers? First practise recognising the numerals 0-5, then 0-10. If you can print at home - please print the numerals and trace over them with a pencil or drive over them with a toy car. If you cannot print at home, practise tracing your finger over the numerals on the screen. When you have had a go at tracing over them, ask an adult to say a number to you and try writing the correct numerals on a sheet of paper. 

Friday 20th November 

Today we would like you to do a counting activity for Maths. There is a sheet below that asks you how many of each vehicle you can spot. Count the vehicles and, using the numeral cards from Thursday's home learning, try writing how many of each there are.

Monday 23rd November 

The caterpillar ate so many things it’s no wonder he got a tummy ache. But how many things did he eat? How many oranges did the caterpillar eat? How many plums? Can you count and draw all of the food he ate?

Tuesday 24th November

Using the shopping list you have written, can you find any of these items in your house? How many do you have? What other food items can you find in your house? For example how many carrots can you find or how many boxes of cereal can you count. Can you record how many you find?

Phonics Home Learning Work:

Monday 16th November

Phonics Pop

Ask a grown up to help you play the game with set 1 - set 5. You will be able to practise all the Phase 2 sounds we have been working on in school in this game.


Tuesday 17th November

Help a Hedgehog

Ask a grown up to help you play the game selecting 'Phase 2 CVC words'. You will be able to practise reading in this game. If you want an extra challenge choose 'Phase 3 ch, sh, ng, th'


Wednesday 18th November 

Match Cards

Select all sets to 5 in the menu. Practise reading words and matching pictures!


Thursday 19th November

Look at the sheet below and practise learning 'tricky words' - to, the, I, no, go, into. Can you copy them? Can you cover the words up and remember how to write them?


Friday 20th November

Click on the link below. You will see some pictures. Think about what each picture is and attempt writing the initial sound of each word. Use a sound mat (In the 'Resources' section of this page) to help you. If you think you can write the whole word have a go! You do not have to print these sheets. Just try writing the words on a piece of paper. 

Monday 23rd November

Using your sound mat to help you, go on a treasure hunt. Can you find an item for each sound? For example you might find a sock for the sound ‘s’, an apple for ‘a’ and so on. Take a picture of all of your treasure.

For ‘ll’, ‘ff’ and ‘ss’ find words with the sounds in them e.g. b-a-ll

Tuesday 24th November

Play Hanging Monkeys

Try to sound out the word on the leaf and click on the picture that matches. You can hover the house over the word if you want to hear it.

Resources for Home Learning:


Mindfulness for little people:

With everything going on in the world and the need for us to be caring for our children's mental health more than ever (Especially when they are stuck inside during self isolation) we have found a few activities that may help:


Cbeebies have produced a free app of 'mindfulness' for young children - 'The Mindful Garden'. For more information please click on the link below:


You Tube have lots of 'Yoga Club' videos to watch and join in with for even the smallest children. Click on the link below for a woodland adventure!


Singing is always good for mental health! Join in with some of these Nursery Rhymes and Songs:

Additional tasks / activities to try at home:

Below are some more activities you may like to download and try at home: 


See and hear some familiar faces telling some stories!...

The Wonky Donkey

The Tiger Who Came to Tea read by Mrs Fender,

Stick Man read by Mrs. Barnard.

Hope you enjoy the story, Stick Man is one of my favourites!