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'Working together to succeed'


Guidance for Parents on Power Maths scheme - Teaching Planning and questions

Maths Adding Money 12.1.21

Year 3 - Adding Money

A year 3 teacher explains how to add amounts of money.

12.1.21 Answers

Challenge questions for the whole week

Maths Subtracting Money 13.1.21

Year 3 - How to subtract money using a number line and the formal subtraction methods.

In this video a year 3 teacher will recap the number line method and column subtraction.

13.1.21 Answers

Another Year 3 teacher explains how to subtract to give change

Year 3 Giving Change

Easier "giving change" questions explained by another year 3 teacher.

Maths Lesson Word Problems involving Money 15.1.21

Maths Lesson Reasoning Problems involving Money 18.1.21

Maths Lesson End of Unit Money 19.1.21