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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'


Week 1 - Listen and Appraise

Listen to Three Little Birds and sing along. What instruments can you hear? Can you memorise the lyrics and sing along? Can you draw a picture of what this music might mean to you?

Week 2 - Listen and Compare

Listen to this different version of Three Little Birds. What instruments can you hear? What makes this version different from the one above?

Week 3 - Listen and Sing Along

This is an acoustic version of the song Three Little Birds. Can you research what acoustic means?
Can you sing along in a duet with someone in your household?
You can find the lyrics online using this link:

Week 4 - Listen and Recognise

Use the video below to learn more about musical instruments.
Train your ears to recognise which sounds each instrument makes.
Then listen to the video of Three Little Birds in week 2 and write down which instruments you think were used to play that particular version of the song.
Can you compare different versions? Do they all sound the same?

Week 5 - Listen and Play

Can you create your own musical instrument or use one you have at home to play the song Three Little Birds?
Have a go at making a musical instrument and playing along with one of the version of Three Little Birds you listened in the previous weeks.
Can you copy the rhythm? The pace? The melody? The pitch?
Don't forget to ask adults and other children to join in by playing instruments, tapping on your legs, clapping and singing along.