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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Online Reading Ideas - Practice Daily and Independently

Week 2 


Children younger than 10 should read every book more than once to fully understand the story, including talking about the pictures and explain any new words. 


You can register with Oxford Owl for more books like the ones above.


If you search oxford tree books on YouTube you can find many books there. Remove the audio and pause for your child to read each page.

Alternatively there are other websites that have free Ebooks to read online. Check the ones below:



Y3 Team 

Week 3 - More Reading online resources

Below is a very useful link to find more ebooks to read online.

We cannot emphasize more the importance of reading out loud to either an adult or an older sibling every day. Children in Year 3 are learning to read. Even if they sound like fluent readers, they are still developing their comprehension skills. Listening to your child reading is the best home learning you can provide your children.


We have also uploaded some reading comprehension sheets in the star above. 


Thank you

Year 3 Team