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'Working together to succeed'

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Remembrance Day 

The 11th November is Remembrance Day.  It is a day when we remember the people who have given their lives so that we can live in freedom and in peace. 


The British Legion is an organisation in the UK which raises money that is used to support members of the armed forces who are no longer on active service:  everything from finding jobs, recovery after injury and supporting the families of those armed forces personnel who have died. 


We won't have a poppy collection this year, which is one of the British Legion's main sources of income.  


I'd like you to read through the Then and Now power point to remind yourselves about Remembrance day, and have a look at the art installation that was put up at the Tower of London a couple of years ago.   Lots of visitors went to view the installation, which raised lots of money for the British Legion, and then the poppies themselves were sold which raised even more money.    There are loads of other resources on the internet, if you want to read about Remembrance further.  


Can you think of a way that the British Legion could raise the funds they need to continue their important work?  What would you do to help them?  How will you present your ideas? It could be as a paragraph of writing, a poster or a powerpoint presentation.  I look forward to hearing your ideas!

PE - I'll be doing a Joe Wicks workout straight after our chat tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned if you'd like to join me!  Make sure you wear PE appropriate clothes - something you can move easily in and trainers.