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Oakridge School & Nursery

Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Our Nursery Philosophy

Our philosophy in Early Years is that all children learn best through play based learning. With this in mind we would discourage you from expecting nursery aged children to ‘sit at tables’ for learning.


Nursery aged children learn best through activities that interest and excite them. During the lockdown, we will aim to support you with suggestions for practical activities that can be completed indoors or through a short ‘exercise’ time outdoors.


If you have not collected your 'Home Learning' pack please visit the school office to pick it up as soon as possible.


We would also encourage you to do at least one phonics activity per day, selecting from the websites / activities listed under the 'Phonics' heading below. This is imperative to help your child become ready for reading and writing.


The sharing of books is also a very important activity. We urge you to share as many stories and books as you can with your child every day.