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Oakridge School & Nursery

Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Parent Information

Parents Evening will take place on the following days:


Tuesday 27th March 

Wednesday 28th March


Appointments are 10 minutes long and need to be booked via parent mail.


Roman Day


Roman day will be taking place on the Friday 23rd March. 


On this day, your child will, through role-play, experience life as it would have been living in the year 60AD, using authentic tools and materials and whenever possible to learn skills as apprentices in a wide variety of workshops.



As the day progresses, the children will get involved in the issues of the time, with the chance to participate in a range of cross-curricular activities. By the end of the day, they will have a really good idea of how it felt to be a Roman at the end of the Boudican Revolt. There will also be a story-telling session.


We need a number of adult helpers, so please join us, either for the whole day, or just for the morning or the afternoon. You will see for yourself the value of the day! Adults are encouraged to dress up too.