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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Red Kites Isolation Work

Hello everyone! 


On this page, you'll find all the work we've set for you over the next two weeks.  We'll be checking in with you all first thing and at the end of the day via Zoom and we'll keep an eye on our email address too if you need help during the day.  


Keep all your work so you can bring it in to school on Monday 23rd November, or you're welcome to email it to us.  In fact, this is probably the easiest way for us to check you're on the right track. 


Please make sure you check in with us and let us know how you're getting on and we'll see you all soon!
Mrs Mason & Mrs Owens



You will receive an invitation from either Mrs Mason or Mrs Owens and the time for a call every morning and every evening.  Remember, you're NOT on holiday!  You still have learning to do so you need to make sure you join the call.

Daily groups (Check if you are in a group and ask if you don't have the link)

Cooking with Mrs Mason

On WEDNESDAY (day change), after our 'end of the day' Zoom call, I will be doing some cooking with anyone who'd like to join in. 


We will be cooking one savoury dish that you could have for tea that night and something sweet as well.  

You can join us for both dishes or just one.  I'll put the recipes up (on Wednesday 18th's page) before the weekend so you can get the ingredients together, and also a list of what equipment you need. 


Please email the redkites20 account to let me know if there are any dietary requirements I need to consider (I'll make sure it's all Halal) or if you need some help getting the bits and pieces together.   

Below is a list of fun things we've found that you might like to have a go at.  We'll add more as we find them - and if you've found something that you think the others would enjoy, send it to us using the Red Kites 20 email address and we'll put them up for everyone to enjoy.

Tiktaka puzzles

Brain teasers - answers later!