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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Spelling and Handwriting


There are a group of words that the children need to be able to spell by the end of your 2. They are called common exception words. There is a document below that has the common exception words for year 1 and 2.


Look carefully at these words. Once you identified the words you need to practise choose 10 and write them onto the weekly spelling practise page. Practise them over the week then you can have your own spelling test every Friday.  There is a document below that has a blank weekly spelling page to help with this.


Some of you will already be able to spell these words. Now you need to make sure you are accurately spelling words that have a suffix. You can use these words in your weekly spelling practise. There is a document below with examples of the suffixes that we have learnt in year 1 and 2.


You can also include words that you struggle to spell when you complete you writing. 

You can also practise spelling many of these words but also practise your handwriting at the same time. We have been learning to join our letters together. It is important that we keep this practise up.                                                                   Below is a document with 100 high frequency words. There is an example word written for you that you can look at then you can practise joining your letters and spelling practise by writing the word until the end of the line.