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'Working together to succeed'


Good morning Badgers and Owls

It is important that we keep practising our spellings. This helps us to write confidently but also means that others can read our work. 


Common Exception Words: These are year 1 words and year 2 words that we need to be able to spell accurately by the end of KS1 so that means this summer. You can find these words in the documents below but they are also glued into the back of your writing book. Please keep practising the words you find tricky.


Topic words: Each week we will also practise some topic words that will help you with you spelling. Remember when you practise spelling we follow the rules, look, cover, write then check. You can find the spelling page with this weeks spellings below but you don't need to print this out. Just write spelling at the top of the page in your book. Just click on your spelling group below.