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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Mrs McCaffrey's Challenges


Mrs McCaffrey is writing more postcards for excellent home learning and needs all these stamps. Mrs Gray needs to know how many stamps she is using.

Without counting them, how many stamps are there on the sheet? How many different ways can you calculate the total number of stamps? Please email your answers to

Who has come to stay at Mrs McCaffrey's house? Keep an eye out for more videos and then have a look at the challenges below.


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30/3/20 - The caterpillars have arrived! They are about 1cm in length and very, very hungry! They feed off the brown food at the bottom of the pot.


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6/4/20 - The caterpillars are now about 3 times bigger than when they arrived and you can see the silk that they will use to make their cocoons!
15/4/20 - The caterpillars are starting to form their cocoons! They had been feeding more than usual and spending more time at the top of the pot. They hang themselves off the lid in a 'J' shape and the cocoon hardens over a couple of days. Amazing!
28/4/20 - The first butterfly has appeared! The cocoons started to shake and then turned dark in colour. Here is the first one! One of the cocoons isn't hanging like it should do. This butterfly seems to want to help his friend and is standing perfectly still with his foot on him as though protecting him! Let's hope the others come out soon. 

04/05/20 - Our butterflies are ready to be released! It is important that they are released outdoors within 5 days as that is when the butterflies lay their eggs ready for new caterpillars to be born. Have a look at these photos and video of them adjusting to being outside! 


Now that you've seen the whole process from tiny caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, have a go at the worksheets at the top of this web page. Please send any completed work to Mrs McCaffrey via the school office email address.

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