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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Year 3 Lockdown Work

Dear Year 3 children and families,


Please follow the January timetable as a guideline of what activities children should be completing everyday. However It is mandatory that children complete Math's and English lessons daily. 


There is no need to print any of the work uploaded here. You could simply read the presentations and activity sheets and copy your answers down into your workbook. If you want to be extra neat, you could also copy the questions in your workbook and even draw some of the pictures. By doing so, you would be improving your handwriting and spellings which are very important skills to improve in Year 3.


Please read your own books or online books available here every day and do some Just Dance or Joe Wicks home workouts to keep fit. We are all very proud of your positive attitude and hard work during these difficult times.


Kind Regards and keep in touch with your class email addresses


Mrs Webb, Mrs Chaudry, Mrs Grossi and Mrs Scott smiley

Suggested Timetable and Guidance

Homework Grid Spring 1

Send pictures of your work to:  or