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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Topic work


Autumn 1

•In English this first half-term we have focused on The Dark – a fabulous picture book by Lemony Snicket.

The children have shown great engagement during lessons, producing brilliant poems, messages of advice to characters, story maps and have also re-written the story though a different perspective.

We will finish this English unit by writing instructions on how to make a glow in the dark lamp – so we are not in the dark!
•We will continue our topic about the dark by learning about nocturnal animals, linking our learning to the Science strand on animals and their habitats.


SPAG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation):

We have been reviewing nouns, verbs, adjectives, capital letters and full stops.

As part of instruction writing the children have used imperative verbs (to give orders).


Autumn 2

  • The Great Fire of London: Our writing in Autumn 2 will be based on learning about History.
  • We will be learning about how the fire started, how it spread, how it stopped and      finally how London was rebuilt.
  • We will be learning how to write diary entries, letters and a reports.


Autumn 1:

             Deines                                              Bead Strings


  • This half term we are  learning about Place Value,  Addition and Subtraction.
  • Place Value: The children are learning about tens and ones and the value of each digit in a number. It is important that the children have a good understanding of this, as they will use this learning in other Maths topics throughout the year.
  • Children will learn to identify the tens and ones in a number, how to combine tens and ones to make a number and use vocabulary such as greater than and less than  and equal to to  compare numbers.
  • Addition and Subtraction: The children will build on their knowledge of the previous topic to begin adding and subtracting bigger value numbers.
  • The children will be shown two methods to show their working out: denies, bead strings and number lines.
  • Children will learn to add and subtract a two digit number and ones (22+4), a two digit number and tens (22+20) and two two-digit numbers (22+14).   


Autumn 2:

  • In Autumn 2, the children will continue their learning of addition and subtraction. We will focus on reasoning, problem solving and mathematical vocabulary.
  • Focus on the words above and use them in practical situations.
  • We will also be focusing on inverse operations:


  • Later in the half-term we will cover money and begin to learn about multiplication and division.

Science - Autumn 1: Materials