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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'


LO: To describe a character's thoughts


Record the Rainbow Fish's thoughts in a diary entry. Describe what happened to him in the story. I have started writing an example to help you.


Wednesday 15th July 2020


Dear Diary,


You will never believe what happened to me today! A little blue fish asked me for one of my beautiful, shimmery scales. I was shocked because I could never part with my glittering scales so I said no. Then no-one wanted to play with me. I felt like the loneliest fish in the world!


The next day, I met a friendly starfish who told me to visit the wise, old octopus because he might be able to help me with my problem. I swam quickly for miles until I reached a gloomy cave. When I got to the dark and scary cave, I saw two glowing eyes and heard a deep voice from within. I was terrified!


To write a fabulous diary entry you must include the following:

* Write from the character's point of view, using 'I'

* Write in the past tense

* Write in paragraphs

* Use time conjunctions at the beginning of each paragraph, for example- after that, then, next

* Use words to describe the character's thoughts and feelings