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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Week beginning 1st June

Monday 1st June

Read the story 'POG' and answer the questions about the story.

Tuesday 2nd June

Write a description of Pog. Use the details we learnt about Pog in the Prologue to help you. For example, how Pog moves, or the texture of Pog’s skin. Use this space to jot down any adjectives or phrases you will use in your writing.


Look through the slides carefully and then choose one of the activities to complete (please do not complete all three!). Worksheet 1 – Easiest. Worksheet 2 – Middle. Worksheet 3 – Hardest.

Wednesday 3rd June

Complete the grammar section on page 4.

Look up and find out the names for the planets in French.  See if you can learn these by next week!
Thursday 4th June

Practise each word. Choose two and write their definitions. Choose two to write in sentences. Page 4.

Over the next six weeks I would like you to complete a project on Early Islamic Civilisation eg, food, art, culture, music, cities etc.  I will be collecting these in at the end of the sixth week and there will be prizes for the best projects.  You may make a booklet or use Powerpoint if you wish for this project.  I look forward to seeing these in a few weeks time.  Please also send me pictures of your work so I can put some good examples on our Year 5 page.  Mr Trice
Friday 5th June
Complete the first two grammar sheets in the pack.  The first one is on colons and the second is on modal verbs.  Good luck!
Maths - Your task today is to go on TTRS and score as many points as possible.  Also, check that you have completed all of the tasks set for you on Mathletics and that you are up to date with these.


Go outside with a piece of paper and a pencil and find something to draw.  Try and include as much detail as you can in picture and please send me pictures of your drawings so we can put some of these on the web site.  Your drawing should take you about 30 minutes minimum.  Of course, spend longer than this if you wish.