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Oakridge School & Nursery

Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

About Oakridge School Governors



"Pupils at Oakridge School are nurtured in a cohesive community through the provision of a safe, supporting and caring environment.  We strive to be the best we can by challenging, inspiring and encouraging success."


The Role and Work of the Governors


In accordance with the Government’s requirements for all governing bodies, the three strategic functions of Oakridge Governing Body are:


  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school.
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Governance Arrangements

The Governing Body of Oakridge School is constituted as follows:



Governor Type




Mrs. V. Osbaldeston



Pupil Premium

Headteacher Performance Review


Mr. S. Cook





Mr. H. Khan




Mr. B. Moore



Headteacher Performance Review


Mrs. C. Dollins


Health & Safety

Pay Review Committee

26/03/2019   25/03/2023   

Mr. M. Akhtar











The Governing Body meets nine times a year for a formal pre-arranged meeting but the Governors are in school much more often.  At our full Governing Body Meetings, we receive and discuss reports from the Headteacher and other members of the Senior Leadership Team.   We consider important information about children’s achievement and progress in order to ensure Oakridge provides an improving quality of education and learning.  We monitor the results of internal and external assessments of the children’s progress and measure the impact of policies we have adopted to help the school’s work.  We have discussed teaching initiatives in a number of curriculum areas and assessment methods to better understand how these are improving children’s learning.


We oversee all of the school’s financial budgets. Governors make sure that the school spends wisely and we are receiving good value for the money.


We also ensure that the school’s provision complies with current equalities and safeguarding legislation and that the children and staff have a safe and healthy place in which to work. We work with the school to plan its development whilst maintaining its core vision and ethos.


Governors may be contacted through the school office.


If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a Community governor and want to bring your expertise to the governing body please contact the school office on 01494 520341. All that is needed is to be over 18 years of age, a willingness to give time to the role and a capacity to work with other people. You will find it a very rewarding way to put something back into the community.