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Oakridge School & Nursery

Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Pupil Leadership

Message from our Head Girl (Manha Khan, Year 6)


Hello, bonjour, ciao, hola, asalaam-walaikum, namaste, konnichiwa and ni hao. You are most welcome to our school.


I am Manha Khan and I am currently in Year 6. I am very proud to say I have been chosen to be the Head Girl of our school. Oakridge is a unique school with everyone (including staff, governors, parents, not to mention us busy students!) involved as a unit. 


Over several years of establishment, many pupils have joined, making a good bond with other children moving on to aim higher with the sky as the limit ambition. How do you ask? At Oakridge, everyone encourages respect, individuality and provides a challenge to raise and develop self-esteem, enabling us to grow into confident, responsible and considerate young people with high aims for the future.


From personal experience, Oakridge School is a happy place when you are sad or need support. Everyone will help you find the teacher to help us achieve and this is down to Mr Cook, our Headteacher.


Mr Cook has made the best improvements for us by guiding us with a common set of values:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Perseverance
  • Integrity

He is always making improvements to make Oakridge a better environment so please come inside and explore our different subjects of the past, present and the future.


Thank you.



Communication Champions


Oakridge School is proud to have a dedicated team of Communication Champions who welcome our new arrivals and encourage language development. 


Our Communication Champions are:

Umaymah - Year 6Panjabi Mirpuri
Rayaan - Year 6Urdu
Haaziq - Year 5 Hindi
Abiram - Year 5Tamil
Tahmid - Year 5 Bengali
Gean - Year 4Romanian
Jaideep - Year 4Panjabi Gurmukhi
Pawel - Year 4Polish
Setayesh - Year 3 Farsi/Persian
Anna - Year 3Bulgarian



Every day, this kind, cheerful and mature team of children celebrate our wide range of cultures and languages. Whilst acting as language buddies in the classroom, they help new children to make friends. They wear their badges proudly as the Communication role models of our school.