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'Working together to succeed'

E Safety

Please find below some useful guides to help you with the parental controls for gaming devices and social media sites. We have also attached the power point that was presented at the E-Safety evening, if you wish to view it again.  
Other Resources

Childline can be contacted if you have any worries about things at home or at school.




The SLOs have continued to keep an eye open for things that may be of interest to school and we have two more links to share. The first has appeared in Schools Bulletin but the second is from the South West Grid for Learning who produce those handy social media checklists.


Net Aware social media guide for parents from NSPCC
The NSPCC has launched an updated Net Aware site for parents and carers. The site, run in partnership with O2 and informed by 1,696 children and young people and 674 parents and carers, includes tips showing how to help your child block or report someone targeting them and a guide to 39 of the most popular social media sites, apps and games used by children and young people including information about new apps like Pokemon Go, Periscope, IMVU, and ESAS have suggested you might share the link below with parents through your school's website, newsletter etc.