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Oakridge School Logo

Oakridge School & Nursery

Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'


Where we want to be in 3  years time


The core purpose of our school is to transform the life chances of all our children

  • We will equip our children with the knowledge ,skills and understanding through a relevant curriculum and teaching to ensure they achieve.

  • We will provide our children with the opportunities and experiences to work to meet their aspirations and to encourage them to dream .

  • We will prepare our children to understand the global challenges we face and their role within this,  especially in relation to the environment.

  • We will expose our children to  opportunities and experiences within and outside the classroom in order that they will enjoy school and are supported to develop socially and emotionally.

  • We will promote our children's physical and mental health.

What type of organisation do we need to be to achieve for our children?

  • All parts of our organisation including, staff, parents governors and pupils, will work together and learn together to succeed. 

  • We will strive to know ourselves  and be ourselves, establishing our school as a learning organisation.

  • We will do what matters most, ensuring that our children achieve the best they can / thrive.

  • We will demonstrate our care for children, parents and colleagues.