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Working together to succeed

'Working together to succeed'

Oakridge 3-0 Ash Hill

Oakridge FC vs Ash Hill FC


On Tuesday 19th October Oakridge FC faced Ash Hill FC. It was a pretty hard game but it turned out easy for Oakridge. The whistle blew and Oakridge had the starting kick-off. The first goal was scored by Karim for Oakridge FC. The next goal was scored by Subhaan which made it 2-0 to Oakridge. Later, in the second half the last goal was scored by Rayaan to make it 3-0. A few minutes later Ash Hill had a chance to score but sadly it was off target. Ash Hill was on the counter attack but they missed the shot leaving the final score 3-0 to Oakridge.

Written by Karim and Max from the Oakridge football team